Welcome to ST AUGUSTINE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Online Application Portal.

SACOED, PROJECT (T.I.M.E.) 2023/2024 Online Application is in progress.

Guided Instructions on How to Apply for Admissions

  1. To apply for a programme, visit https://applications.staugustinecollege.edu.ng or https://www.staugustinecollege.edu.ng select Admissions , choose Apply Now.
  2. On https://applications.staugustinecollege.edu.ng/ click on Start Application for a Programme
  3. Select the Academic Category , choose the programme.
  4. Fill in all the remaining details on the page before clicking on PROCEED button.
  5. Pre-Payment Preview page will be displayed to confirm your entered details.
  6. Ensure you entered your valid email address and phone number.
  7. Then Click on PREVIEW button.
  8. Then Applicants must click on Continue Application After Payment and log in with their PIN and Phone Number used in the Start Application for programme section.

Help / Support on Online Application:

Help / Support on Online Application:
HELP!  Online Image Compresssor

Candidate can use this URL to resize their photograph online http://www.simpleimageresizer.com/
Then select Image Compressor option on the page, upload the photograph to be resize and also specified the desire dimension, then compress image.